ATTENTION: Amazing Brain Entrainment Suite helps you target specific areas of your brain for greater Mind Power ....

The Brain Juicer Audios Suite: Pump Up Your Brain with high quality brain entrainment audios

Re-map your neural pathways-use more of your brain!

Each audio is in MP3 format

If you've done much reading or research on the mind and brain, you probably realize we only use around 10% - or less, of our brain's potential, on average.  Here is a cutting edge product that can increase that percentage for you; grab control your most important asset – Your brain!

The Brain Juicer Suite has been professionally engineered to help with:

  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Replacing mental fatigue with a rejuvenating oasis of calm
  • Increasing your productivity and focus
  • Inspiration for creativity
  • Learning and skill mastery
  • Conquering distractions
  • Adding enthusiasm to your day

Today's world is more competitive than ever.  You need to stand out from the crowd, whether you want to compete in the job market, or with your own business or services. Whatever your specific goals, creativity, focus, and action are crucial to your success.   These things will set you apart from the competition.

If you sometimes find yourself at a creative roadblock, losing your focus or motivation just before the finish line, or seem to be a recurring victim of procrastination – you want to check this out.

The Brain Juicer high-quality brainwave entrainment audio recordings were created to help you kick your productivity into high gear and gain the edge.

                      of the brain

The Brain Juicer Suite is designed to target several areas of your brain.

Module 1:  The Creative Suite Edition

Tap your Creativity anytime it needs a boost!

Each audio is in MP3 format

The Brain Juicer Creative Suite contains a mind-blowing selection of audio sessions you can use to get your creative juices flowing.

The Creative Suite tracks are as follows:

-          Brain Juicer Suite Relaxation Session (10 minutes)

-          Brain Juicer Suite Brainstorming Session (15 minutes)

-          Brain Juicer Suite Creative Focus Session (30 minutes)

With the Brain Juicer Audios Creative Suite:

Generate and apply new ideas                                                           
Quickly get in "the zone"

Get more done by relaxing the mind

Module 2:  The Smart Suite Edition   (Study Suite)

Access your inner genius!

Each audio is in MP3 format

The Brain Juicer Smart Suite sessions are designed to help you achieve top intelligence, and process and retain information faster and more accurately.

The Smart Suite tracks are as follows:

-          Brain Juicer Suite Study Focus Session (45 minutes)

-          Brain Juicer Suite Memory Consolidation Session (15 minutes)

   With the Brain Juicer Audios Smart Suite:

Get on top of your game fast                                                          
Clear mental clutter

Enjoy laser sharp focus

Module 3:  The Action Suite Edition  

Tell Procrastination "so long"!

Each audio is in MP3 format

The Brain Juicer Action Suite modules were created specifically to give you a jump start, so that procrastination becomes a thing of the past.

The Action Suite tracks are as follows:

- Brain Juicer Suite Blues Buster Session (15 minutes)

- Brain Juicer Suite Peak Performance Session (15 minutes)

- Brain Juicer Suite Mind Rise Session (15 minutes)

- Brain Juicer Suite Go Getter Session (15 minutes)

With the Brain Juicer Audios Action Suite:

Get a dose of "digital caffeine"                                                           
Elevate your mood and "can do" determination

Sever your ties with procrastination!

A study guide is included, with information provided by the original product creator, Monstar Media.

Study guide covers general information about the audios, as well as specifics about each module. Optional exercises are included, if you're interested, to get even more out of your audios.  They are not necessary or required, just included in case you will find them helpful.

Military Grade Technology

The exclusive Brain Juicer program utilizes military-grade technology to change your mental states and alter your bodily functions in a snap through carefully applied sound patterns, tones  and frequencies.

Brain Entrainment works by using the brain’s behavior of adapting it’s electrical response, or the flow of brainwaves, to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound.  This series of audio files, when played on your stereo before or while you work, (or through headphones) will give your brain the mental workout needed to achieve peak performance and breeze through the tasks ahead.

Just as exercise strengthens your body, the Brain Juicer Suite Edition program is the perfect tool to keep your brain in tune.

Brain Juicer Audios Suite...

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Medical and Psychological Disclaimer

Brain Entrainment technology has been shown to affect brainwaves in laboratory tests.  You should seek advice from a physician before using these sessions if you are suspected to be epileptic, pregnant, prone to seizures, on medication, or have any other medical or psychological conditions that may be affected by this product.  It's that powerful.  Also keep in mind that while the Brain Juicer Suite program has been designed to contribute to your general wellness, sense of well being, and productivity, it is NOT meant to replace medical or psychological treatment or consultation.

If you have a serious medical condition, you should consult your physician immediately, and ask if brain entrainment will be okay with your condition.

Results, or lack of Results; No Liability

Though many people have had wonderful and exciting results with the Brain Juicer Suite, everyone is different, and no specific result is promised.  We also accept no liability for any result, or lack of results.


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